Organic semi-wholemeal flour "Senatore Cappelli" in special offer - 1 Kg

Organic semi-wholemeal flour "Senatore Cappelli" in special offer - 1 Kg

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Senatore Cappelli - Semi-wholemeal flour - Bio 1 kg

Semi-integral organic flour of an ancient Italian variety selected by Senatore Cappelli, suitable for doughs with medium leavening (6-8 hours) and maturation (24 hours, at 3-4°C) times. The flour is obtained by natural stone milling which allows the germ to be kept and, thanks to the low processing temperatures, it does not overheat the product, preserving its nutritional and sensory characteristics.

Usage tips
Ideal for bread making and for the preparation of fresh pasta.

Ingredients and notes
Semi-integral organic durum wheat flour.

Conservation method
Store in a cool, dry place away from heat sources.

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