Manitoba flour Type "0" - 1 kg in special offer
Manitoba flour Type "0" - 1 kg in special offer

Manitoba flour Type "0" - 1 kg in special offer

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Manitoba flour Type "0" - 1 Kg 

Manitoba soft wheat flour, of Canadian and North American origin. Long maturation (over 72 hours, at controlled temperature) and high hydration (over 65%).

Usage tips

Suitable for the preparation of leavened baked products (croissants, panettone, pandoro) and from 10 to 30% for flat pizza (Neapolitan type). Ideal for the preparation of sourdough or biga. In mixtures with durum and soft wheat, it increases the absorption of water by the doughs, increasing the yield in bread-making, as well as prolonging the processing times (maturation and/or leavening) and increasing the volume of the final product.

Ingredients and notes

Manitoba soft wheat flour type "0", for cylinder milling.

Conservation method
Store in a cool, dry place away from heat sources.

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