ORGANIC red wine vinegar - 500 ml

ORGANIC red wine vinegar - 500 ml

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Organic red wine vinegar - 500 ml

For the industrial production of Bonanno vinegar, first of all the choice and selection of excellent wine is necessary, which will be put in barrels together with a small quantity of vinegar to start the natural fermentation process.
In this phase the production of "acetobacter" is supported by a particular system of oxygenation of the barrels and by the systematic control of the temperature.

Usage tips
Red vinegar is an ideal ingredient for enriching cooked meat and fish dishes, for sweet and sour foods such as small onions, courgettes or other vegetables. It is the ideal condiment for prepared rabbit or for rich aubergine or artichoke caponatas.

Ingredients and notes
Organic red wine vinegar. Acidity 7%.